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We will be launching a new product for Christmas 2023: a plant-based cream liqueur with 15%ABV in 70cl and 5cl sizes. It's derived from coconut and delicately spiced with the classic Barti flavours.

The recipe is nailed (it tastes amazing), and everything is pretty much lined up for production. However, two competitive souls at Barti HQ cannot make a decision on the colour the bottle will be. Like all cream liqueurs, we're sticking to the theme of spraying each bottle to be opaque, so for example, Baileys' bottle is black. One of us is pretty set on spraying the bottle cream-coloured, while the other would like to go with one of the Barti brand colours, dark green.

It's been decided that the people of the internet will decide, cast your vote here:

There may or may not be a Friday drinks-related wager on this so please choose carefully.