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Why Barti?

Our 2017 original recipe ultra-smooth Spiced Rum feels so velvety on the palate, even non rum drinkers love It over ice.


Creamy vanilla paints the backdrop for a dancing melody of classic spices, cinnamon, clove and sweet citrus. All of which are married together by the subtle infusion of laver seaweed. The seaweed brings depth like no other ingredient can, adding a mellow smoothness and enhancing the sweeter flavours.

It has to be tried to be believed.

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Barti Spiced Rum
Barti Cream Liqueur
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Andi Oliver - BBC Chef

"It's not like any other Rum I've ever had, actually. And I like Rum!"

Taste the Barti Difference

Say hello to Barti Cream

Think Irish Cream Liqueur, then erase that completely, this stuff is completely different. Ideal for sipping or mixing into cocktails, Barti cream is dreamy, rich and indulgent.

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The OG

Barti Spiced

The Game Changer

Barti Cream

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If you like Espresso Martinis, you'll love this...

Mixologists at the renowned Fidel Rum Bar in Bath are true connoisseurs of the finest rums in the world, with over 110 different rums to offer. They love the unique complimentary spices and flavours of Barti Spiced and Barti Cream so much, they have created a stunning new signature cocktail which will blow you away! It's simply equal parts Barti Cream, Barti Spiced and Kahlua, shaken over ice. The Barti Latte is a must try this summer.

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How it all began

Whether it was the sleep deprivation or not, Barti spiced rum was born in Pembrokeshire at much the same time as Jonathan's second daughter. Jonathan, or "the crazy Welsh seaweed man" as James Martin once called him, came up with the perfect recipe for his ideal spiced rum in 2017 while he took two weeks off for parental leave, away from his day job as an award winning street food chef.

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