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You may have seen this slogan popping up on our stuff lately and wondered what it means.

As a brand our ethos has always been centred around these three things:
1. Seek Adventure
2. Go Create
3. Do Good

We haven't always been the best at communicating these but they're always there, in the background of everything we do.

SEEK ADVENTURE- We like to promote the outdoors as a general metaphor for adventure, but adventure can take any shape. It doesn't just mean a revitalising trip to the coast, although those are pretty great and will always be promoted! An adventure could be to start a business, build on a hobby, or nurture a friendship. We believe that going out, seeing, doing and experiencing things, big and perhaps even more importantly, small, is a big piece of looking after your own happiness.

GO CREATE- We love to create and we love how creating new art, things, spaces, and ideas feels. We are all about that feeling, when you wake up and you can't wait to continue your project, no matter what it is. The best creations are made up of pure passion and we see this as a driver of happiness and well being. We created Barti Art (more on that soon!) with the idea of igniting that creativity so many of us accidentally get too busy for and forget about.

DO GOOD- It goes without saying, us humans are selfish at best. We at Barti are always trying to do better when it comes to the environment. We want to reverse the "that's just how it is" mantra by working with other companies who are breaking the mold in terms of packaging, transport and operations to protect the planet.

What's this all got to do with the new slogan you ask? Well we wanted to wrap up this long winded ethos in three words, and "content not content" is what we came up with. It strikes us that one of the biggest barriers to feeling happy and fulfilled by your own adventures and passions can be the constant distraction and pressure of social media. Not only do we compare our own daily lives to others but we worry about what to portray of ourselves, how to embellish it to look like we're keeping up. And so the disruptive loop continues.
We aren't anti social media, of course, the irony wouldn't be lost on us. But we feel taking a step back and living in the moment more often than through a screen is definitely not a bad idea. To be content is to be in a good head space and at peace, whereas to create content is to take actions purely to record and post about for the benefit of those who follow you on social media. Or worse, to miss out on things you enjoy because you're trying to get good lighting for the perfect picture. Be content, don't look for content. Content not content.