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Oh yes! Barti Spiced with ginger beer and a squeezed wedge of lime over lots of ice. Prepare to feel refreshed! Bart Spiced is hands down the best tasting Rum spirit to mix with ginger beer.

This Cocktail mix (although some may not even call it a cocktail) is all about throwing out the rule book and doing it completely your own way. Some like it really long on the ginger beer, others prefer it as a much shorter drink, some love to squeeze in half a lime for the extra zing, where others skip the lime completely. A few will argue a ginger ale is better here, it’s all subjective. Try it several different ways and find your own version. There's no denying Barti Spiced and Ginger Beer were born to be together.

Personally we like a bit of pow when it comes to our ginger based beverages. If you like your ginger beer extra fiery, try Llanllyr Source. 

  • Ginger Beer
  • Barti Spiced
  • Squeezed Wedge of Lime
  • Proportions are all to your own taste