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Cuba Libra, in other words the swanky name for a good old fashioned Rum and Cola with a hefty squeeze of lime wedge. But the golden goose here is... This classic tall drink with Barti Spiced will melt your brain the first time you try it. Spiced Rum and coke has never tasted this good before. 

Also, try giving your squeezed lime a run around the rim of your glass for a little extra zing on your first sips. 

You don’t need us for measures here. Just wing with some classic free pouring. It’s very much a case of Barti Spiced with cola. Don’t be coy, rum and coke is as classic now as it ever was, but now you have Barti to hand, it's so much better. 

You could jazz things up a little with a scoop of ice cream to make an alcoholic coke float if you're feeling adventurous. 

  • Cola
  • Barti Spiced
  • Cheeky lime or lemon wedge squeeze.