Barti Ddu Rum 700ml


Barti Ddu Rum is a blend of fine Caribbean rum, spiced with notes of vanilla, cloves and orange. The extra secret ingredient is a subtle infusion of Pembrokeshire laver seaweed, known as Welshman’s caviar. The drink is inspired by a famous Pembrokeshire Pirate, Barti Ddu, or in English Black Bart.

Serve over ice or with ginger beer and a slice of orange.



John Roberts was his name, when he left his Pembrokeshire home in the seventeenth century. Soon he was the most notorious pirate to set sail. Barti Ddu, also known as Black Bart, captured over 500 ships in his short and elaborate career. Respected among his fellow men, Barti Ddu was responsible for formulating the pirates code, a set of laws strictly abided by pirates far and wide during the age of pirates. Barti Ddu spiced rum captures every essence of the infamous sailor’s character, from flamboyant velvety vanilla robes, to the orchestral seaweed notes of battle and glistening orange sunsets of still nights at sea.

The ABV is 35%. The sale of alcohol is strictly for persons over 18 years of age. 70cl.


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