Barti’s Big Gift Box


A Barti Rum gift set for the rum lover in your life.

Barti Ddu is Black Bart in Welsh and is the name taken by the most successful pirate of all time, a pirate from Little Newcastle in Pembrokeshire called John Roberts who later became known as Bartholemew Roberts and then finally after his death, Black Bart. This pirate not only created the Jolly Roger and the ‘pirate code’, but he
dressed in silk robes and had a band play music for battle.

To create Barti Rum, handpicked Laver seaweed from Pembrokeshire is toasted and then infused with the finest Caribbean non-aged rum blend. The following flavours are added to create a heavily spiced, citrus dark seaweed rum: vanilla, clove, ginger and cinnamon, lemon & orange.

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These items are wrapped in natural dried bladder wrack seaweed. The wooden box is sourced from an FCS approved supplier. The ABV is 35%. The sale of alcohol is strictly for persons over 18 years of age.

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